Dana Seewald

Me! ❤️
This guy said he wanted it on the collar bone so ok. lol. His moms initials. ❤️
I did the silhouette of a Picasso piece today. “Old Man with Guitar”. ❤️
I did some sunflowers! She had a cut on her wrist and so yeah… ❤️
I drew a silhouette of the Picasso piece “Man with Guitar” for a tattoo I’m doing next week. I am soooo pumped to do this one. ❤️
I tattooed my Ghostface design on some stretch marks. ❤️
I tattooed a witch’s broom! 🥰❤️
Circles are freaking difficult. Especially around the elbow! lol. I guess this is a punk band called Germs logo. ❤️
I tattooed the valknut. “With three interconnected triangles, this design forms a captivating emblem of balance, creativity, and harmony. Each triangle represents a unique facet of life: mind, body, and spirit. As they intertwine, they create a unified whole that echoes the intricate tapestry of existence.”
I just tattooed a flamingo tonight! ❤️
I know this is a weird piece I drew but someone very special has inspired me to blossom from the depths of my heart after not caring about myself for a very long time. This art is dedicated to feeling life again. Thank you…. ❤️

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