Dana Seewald

Andy’s design. I tattooed it. ❤️
They got the font off their church website. 🤷‍♀️❤️
First session. ❤️
His hands were super crispy. lol. So it was difficult to pack the black in. Oh well! ❤️
I know this is super simple for my first anime piece but oh well. It’s some kind of magical staff in an anime series. ❤️
Lightning next! “Archangel Michael, the patron of warriors.” ❤️
I just tattooed this lady who is in Western College of Colorado women’s basketball! Tiny tattoo but I can’t wait to tell my son! ❤️
Almost done with this knot tree! I didn’t do the bottom knot. ❤️
I tattooed Pablo Picasso’s Don Quixote, “Chasing Windmills”. ❤️
Here’s what I did today. ❤️
I did the bottom part of the flowers in another session.  I added the top half today. ❤️

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